Rank Resources

The Rank Resource section contains information specific to rank advancement for our Scouts. If there are ever any questions on what is posted, please contact the Scout Master or Web Master! To protect the Scout’s identity, it is Troop 110’s policy to only list the initials for each Scout.

Tools to Aid in Advancement

Scout Menu – Because we camp by patrol, the Scouts have to plan their meals so they are fully prepared when we are in the field. This spreadsheet helps the Scouts plan a balanced menu. It is very helpful for the Scouts preparing for the First Class cooking requirement.

Campfire Program Planner – The Campfire Master of Ceremonies should utilize this form to plan and organize the Troop’s campfires.

Merit Badges

Merit Badge Counselors – The enclosed file contains the Troop’s list of merit badge counselor’s.
Remember, the first step in the Merit Badge process is to obtain a signed ‘blue card’ from the Scoutmaster. Do not begin any Merit Badges, including at summer camp or Fairs, before getting a signed card from the Scoutmaster.