Scoutmaster’s Vision

To support a boy led troop that embraces the outdoor experience.

BSA Mission Statement

  • Develop an effective Patrols Leader’s Council.

Have the scouts through the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC), which consists of the patrol leaders, SPL and ASPL set the program for the troop with support and guidance from the Scoutmaster and Committee.

  • Train Scouts in their leadership positions.

Every scout is entitled to a trained leader whether it is a youth or adult.

  • Increase the number of outdoor experiences by two per year in order to increase the fun time per trip.

We have said it many times 75% of SCOUTING is OUTING. Although we try to plan something for every month from Sept to Aug we don’t always get the chance to get outdoors. Scouting is not just the Wednesday night troop meeting. We devote a lot of time to learning scout skills but unless the scouts practice them in real life or simulated games they will not retain them. Also we know the boys will not stay if it is not fun and sitting in classes is not fun. So we will try to do the following where possible have one additional trip in the spring and fall so that we can reduce the “class time” and introduce more fun time with the hope that through the PLC and the acquired skills that the fun time will become scout oriented fun.

  • Develop a trained junior leader corps so that they can provide leadership and advancement within the troop

The junior leaders are a valuable resource for the troop in terms of leadership, skill development and setting the example. We need to take better advantage of this resource.

  • Develop a trained adult staff in both the Patrol Method and scout craft skills to support our troop.

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