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Troop 110 Website Policy

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The purpose of the Troop 110 website is to promote communication within the troop, provide information about the troop to prospective scouts and parents and others, and to otherwise strengthen and support the purposes of the troop. As such, the website needs to provide timely and accurate information on activities and events. The content and design of the website should reflect the purposes and values of scouting and the unique character of our troop.


Changes to this policy will be approved by the Troop Committee.


The Webmaster will be a registered adult member appointed by the Troop 110 Committee to be responsible for the overall design, content, and functionality of the website, with the guidance and direction of the Troop Committee. The Webmaster is the keeper of the password to make changes to the website. The Webmaster may appoint others to assist him or her in updating and making changes to the website and release the password to them. All registered members (scouts or adults) who have knowledge of the password are expected to keep it confidential and to use their access only for the purposes that the Webmaster has designated (“A scout is trustworthy.”).

Security and Privacy

Personal Information

Personal Information of individual scouts or youths under the age of 18 will not be displayed in any section of the website. This is in accordance with BSA Youth Protection Guidelines and the BSA policy against releasing the names of its members in a public forum.

E-mail Addresses and Contact Information

Only e-mail addresses of adult members should be used in the public section of the website. The adult member will screen and forward email intended for youth members as appropriate. The reason for this is to prevent the unauthorized harvesting of email addresses from the website. Even so, contact information for adults will be treated with caution. In general adult contact information will only be provided in secure areas of the website or for volunteers whom it would be necessary for third parties to contact in order to obtain information about joining or supporting the unit.

Removal of Information

Individuals can request the prompt removal of their information at any time by contacting the Webmaster.

Site Hosting

The Webmaster will make arrangements, on behalf of the Committee, for website hosting and will maintain control of the domain name and site content. The troop will not use services that require sites they host to display banners and/or contain links to other member sites.



The content of the site must be appropriate to the Scouting movement. The content of the Troop 110 website falls generally into two categories: material presented to generate and direct public interest in joining or supporting programs, and operational and administrative material presented for members.

The Webmaster and Troop Committee govern the website and this body defines the goals of the Website and determines the content and resources that will be published in pursuit of those goals. All materials destined for the website should be reviewed and approved by appropriate adult leadership before they are published. Website content is subject to Troop Committee oversight.


The website may provide links to other official scouting sites (e.g. Monmouth Council and BSA National Council websites). In addition, there are numerous Scouting-oriented and other sites on the Internet that are not maintained or authorized by the BSA. These sites cannot contain links to any site that contain material that is not appropriate to the Scouting movement. Links to other websites will be made with extreme caution, especially third-party commercial sites.


Upon joining, all youth (parent/guardian in the case of youth participants) and adult members will be requested to sign the “website permission” form which grants permission to publish on the website photographs collected during Troop and other Scouting events. When using photographs of youth members it is also important to consider their safety and privacy when choosing captions or text. Troop 110 will not publish the name of any individual scout or the youth under the age of 18 with the photograph.

Advertisements and Banners

The site will not contain any advertisements or commercial endorsements.

Sales and E-Commerce Activities

The Troop 110 website will not engage in sales or e-commerce activities.


Permission and rights must be obtained for the use of copyrighted material.

Errors and Omissions

Troop 110, Lincroft, New Jersey, BSA is providing the site and the information on an “as is” basis and makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to this website policy, the website, the information or any site that is linked to. Troop 110 assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information.

Approved by Troop 110 Committee: 03/04/2009

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